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The Solution for the Seam Welding ! This static converter is in fact a constant current source with sine wave output. The SINVERTER has been designed and developed according the strongest specifications.

The heart of the System is a digital regulator under control of a 32 bits processor and the power stage utilizes the newest transistors (IGBT). The original application is the can welding. However. The SINVERTER is, with its 1200 Amps output current, much more powerful and allows the production of larger seams as for drums or for heating radiators. Smaller models with output current range from 150 up to 600 Amps offer a solution for all types of problems of seam welding.

The Welding Control itself consists of a double profile generator for current and frequency. This unit delivers then two analogue signals for driving the static converter. All the parameters are adjustable with a "One Touch Button" (incremental encoder) as well as with a LCD-Display