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When the technology of the static converter is being so well controlled with the SINVERTER, it becomes easily reasonable and logic to apply it to the "midrange frequency" electrical welding (1000 Hz).

In this manner, with the same housings, the same power-stages and the same regulator's card as for the SINVERTER, but with another Software, it has been quite easy to us to bring on the market the 1000 Hz welding converter called "SQUAREVERTER".

In opposition to other competitors, the welding frequency is not fixed and frozen at 1000 Hz, but it is, as one basic parameter, adjustable from 30 to 1500 Hz. The SQUAREVERTER does also offer the possibility of working without rectifier at the Secondary of the welding transformer (for example 150 Hz).

One corresponding Welding Control, with one single button (incremental encoder) and one LCD-Display is completing the system.